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Welcome to the United States of America!  

If you are a newcomer to the Capital Region or if you are a sponsor of Ukrainian newcomer but don't have any local Ukrainian contacts please feel free to reach out to one of the local Ukrainian churches or organizations LISTED BELOW and our volunteers will be happy to help you as much as possible - at least guide you in the right direction.  

There is a lot of new things to learn for you so we put together some useful links and resources below to make your adaptation easier. 

This website including this page is sponsored and maintained by Ukrainian-American Cultural Center

Contact us at if any questions




Your organization or church can be listed here

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Interested in helping a Ukrainian family?
Consider forming a “Good Neighbor Team”!

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USCRI is a non-for-profit organization that works with governments, local communities and volunteers to provide critical services for newcomers to become self-reliant and contributing members of their communities.

USCRI has set up a number of programs for Ukrainian people coming under United for Ukraine program and they have Ukrainian-speaking team supporting this effort.

It is recommended for newcomers to register with USCRI once they arrive to the region. USCRI will assign a case-worker and work with newcomers to get comprehensive services based on their situation instead of sponsors trying to figure out and work with different government agencies themselves.



Immigration Options for Ukrainians:

   Presentation by The Legal Project can be downloaded here 

Apply for Temporary Protected Status (TPS): 

Apply for Employment Authorization Document (EAD):

  • You can file it online or get help by USCRI

  • Contact USCRI for assistance with the form

    • Email copies of I-94s of all family members to make an appointment.
    • Consultation is free, however there is government fee of $410.

    • You can file form I-912 for the fee waiver (we are told it does not increase process time)

    • Contact Ukrainian American Cultural Center for possible assistance with the fees if fee waiver did not work for you

  • Make sure you apply for SSN at the same time

  • For Ukrainian speaking sponsors - download this I-765 template with nnotated instructions in Ukrainian. We hope it will be helpful

To get most recent I-94 (if needed): 

  • Print it out and save as PDF

  • You might need it for DMV, DSS, and other agencies.

Address Change:

UCCIS (Immigration Service) Every time you move you must update your address with USCIS within 10 days by filling form AR-11. It can be done online or by mail (must keep a copy or receipt!). 


USPS (Postal Service)  Also, you can file change of address form with U.S. Postal Service and they will forward your mail for the next year for free. Can be done online or at the post office.



The Legal Project:

  • Pro-bono/free services and/or referrals


Get Social Security Number (SSN):

  • You need this number for anything you do in USA.

  • You typically would get this SSN number during the process of getting EAD (see above)

  • Walk-ins to your local US Social Security Administration office:

       500 Federal St, Troy, NY 12180 


       11A Clinton Ave Suite 430, Albany, NY


Medicaid - health insurance for low income people in NY:

  • While you are waiting for employment authorization you might be able to qualify for this temporary health insurance provided by NY state  for low income people

  • is the website to apply however it is not very easy

  • Contact USCRI for assistance OR

  • Contact Capital District Healthy Initiative for the assistance with the application:

  • 175 Central Avenue, 5th floor, Albany, NY 12206

  • (518) 462-7074

  • (the best way to contact Melany is email)



Food assistance with Department of Social Services (DSS):

  • While you are waiting for employment authorization you might be able to qualify for the food stamps (SNAP) program for low income people in NY state

  • Contact USCRI for assistance OR work with DSS directly

  • Create an account and fill out an online form

  • DSS will contact you via phone for an interview

  • Or pick up paper application at Albany County Social Services Department 162 Washington Ave, Albany, NY 12210

Extra food assistance for pregnant and postpartum women with children under 5 years old:

  • Contact USCRI for assistance OR call one of the WIC agency in your local county 

  • You might be able to quality for the WIC program which is funded by the United States Department of Agriculture



  • Click here for a great up-to-date list of ESL options (created by good people of the Capital Region)

  • USCRI can also help with ESL placement



  • USCRI will help with various aspects of finding and getting an employment (finding a job that might not require English proficiency, resume writing assistance, preparing to interviews, getting to the interview, etc)



  • USCRI will help with finding and getting lower-cost housing

  • Before getting an employment USCRI might be able to get temporary financial assistance paying for the housing 

  • You can also try to apply yourself to one of the housing authorities - federal program for low-income families.

  • 30% of your income or flat rate whichever is less

  • There are three good choices as long as you can figure out transportation for your newcomers:


  • Once you are employed USCRI might be able to get child care financial assistance based on your personal situation  


  • Contact USCRI for a possibility of getting public bus pass

  • USCRI will also be able to help with getting driver license by providing supporting documents to DMV, etc   


Register your children with a local school district:

  • Your children need to attend local school in the county where you live in

  • USCRI ( can also help with school registration and other integration services

List of a few local districts: 

See more at

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